Where to find us

Centrally located with access to everything that Keswick has to offer.

Newlands is located just off Station Street, and is accessed through a pedestrian area on the entrance to Packhorse Court. It is in the centre of Keswick and is only a short walk to the Theatre, Derwentwater and the River Greta/Fitz Park.

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Though only a small town, Keswick has a range of shops and services far larger than might be expected. You can find lots of lovely shops both in the main Market Square and down every alley and side street. There are unique shops which you will not find in any other town. Most of the art galleries are off the main square and sell photographs, paintings, pottery and jewellery by local artists and craftspeople. If you need outdoor gear or equipment Keswick has the largest collection of specialist retailers in Britain.

The visitor also has the choice of four museums, cinema, and the all year round Theatre by the Lake.

Find out more about what to do in Keswick on the local Tourist Association website

The secure private parking space is in the enclosed square over the road.